Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Night Circus

Oh what a fun book to read.  It was genuinely enjoyed by all members of our group.  Opening comments that were captured were:

I unabashedly liked it.
It was fluffy and not deep, but took intelligence to follow. 
Incredibly imaginative & vivid.
It's like what a smart goth girl would write when she was all grown up.

Insert picture of author here:

Erin Morgenstern Author Erin Morgenstern attends Summit Entertainment Comic-Con Party at the Hard Rock Hotel on July 21, 2011 in San Diego, California.

We noted that the time shifting between chapters took a while to catch onto.
We liked the Yin & Yang relationship with the various characters, that there were pairs but not couples.

As for the characters, aside from the primary couple, whose love story seemed a little weak and obvious we loved the clockmaker, who was exceptionally well developed and the modern day Bailey.  He seemed like a real person with real world motivations in a fantastical world.

We understand that a movie is already in the works and we discussed if it should bend more towards a Harry Potter feel or Tim Burton.  Either way, we hope Helena Bonham Carter is not cast as the main character.

On the personal side of the discussion we decided that we like short chapters because we can knock them out and it keeps things moving.  Also, I head this quote "I love how our conversations about books mostly evolve to just about us."   True... so true.

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