Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I drove to work today so that I could be at Christine's on time tonight for book club. There was plenty of parking in front of her house and it made me wonder the same thought I always have... "hmm, 7:00 or 7:30... I can never remember. I hope I'm not a half an hour early."

Knocking on the door I heard the dog go bonkers and children scramble for the door. "Children, odd usually it's a kids free zone, oh well no matter." The door opened and a very capable looking teen aged girl looked me over with trepidation and then acceptance. Without inviting me in we established that book club wasn't tonight but she couldn't confirm if it was happening elsewhere or on another night.

When I wondered aloud "I wonder if I'm at the wrong house." Big D (all of 6 years old) let me know that I wasn't at the "wrong house, you're at my house." I told Mr. D. that I knew this was his house and that I'd probably see him tomorrow.

A quick round of phone calls confirmed that indeed this gal (who spent the afternoon power reading to finish on time) had arrived on the wrong danged day.

So... I guess we'll start over tomorrow.