Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inspired by Savage Beauty

Our latest book Savage Beauty: The Life of Edna St. Vincent Millay by Nancy Milford has inspired our little group to an odd yet fun correspondence regarding the book group this evening. Ms. Millay was a revered poet and this biography is told through remembrances and correspondence. Millay, a colorful character to be sure, was spirited, selfish, promiscuous and had no concern for the morals of the times. She had affairs with men, women, married people, single all the while producing lovely poetry that the nation adored.
Notably, Ms. Millay would sent letters home and describe the parties she had attended, new and wonderful clothes that she had acquired while at the same time expressing “genuine” remorse for not being able to send five… no one dollar home to her mother and younger sisters who were without steady income.
The following is our book groups inspired correspondence over the details for the meeting this evening:

Hello All
I can't decide on the theme for tomorrow's dinner. Here are my two thoughts:
1. In honor of Edna's early years, you can make your own dinner.
2. In honor of Edna's later years, you can drink your dinner. Nekkid.
As an aside, I don't think I'll ever hear the word "kitty" again and actually think of a cat.
Terri and Deborah won't be able to make it, and Heather will be a bit late, but I'll see the rest of you around 7!
- Beth
Dearest Beth,
Why don’t you just admit that you spent all the money for our food or gorgeous silk dresses for yourself?
Melinda ,
schnookums - I awoke to see your email this morning and felt I must put fingers to keys immediately.
Firstly, it was Michael not Beth who wrote that letter regarding dinner. Beth was too exhausted from finishing the book to write anyone.
Furthermore you will feel just horrid about the accusation of how she has spent money on any little special thing for herself once you realize the support she is giving that God damn bitch of a sister of hers.
I will not rest till I see all of your faces tonight. Oh to be with you and spend the hours reciting poetry and being gay.

And then the prose began:
In an evening
Full of wit and fun
There will be a loss
Of missing one.
Actually, I think its...
Our eyes will be full of dew
because we'll be missing two

I think Beth mentioned that Deborah won't be there either.
Is that right, Deborah?
don't let your hearts be filled with hate
I'll just be a little late (7:30-ish)

Something smells of a rose
Oh lovely Christine
She who talks in prose.
- TP
"oh to be inspired
by my sister red head
I will talk in prose
for weeks
and read aloud in bed."
Its true you will be without two.
But I will have chosen
And thought carefully
And will bring a book to thee.