Thursday, January 20, 2011

2010 Book of the Year

The vote was close this year.  There was a lot of  support for our second favorite "Let the Great World Spin" but "Cutting for Stone" won the most votes for book of the year.  We really loved this book and recommend it without reservation.

In the stinker category the vote was again close (4 to 3) for "The Little Book" as the worst book we read over "Netherland".  We recommend neither.   Someone commented that in other years The Piano Teacher would have taken a beating at year end, but with these two books in our midst, TPT eked out a (lower) middle of the pack placement.

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Anonymous said...

I have had a most wonderful ride with the reception of my novel, a dream come true for a late-bloomer, and one of the best parts is the enthusiastic reaction of book groups all over the country, many of which I have appeared with, either in person or on Skype. I was surprised when I came upon your group’s reaction with a Google alert. You can’t please everyone, obviously. Great photo of your group, a joyous-seeming bunch. Quite a contrast to your mean comment.
Selden Edwards