Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creative Writing

Oh gosh, the primary poster on this site has been distracted and is a book group meeting recaps behind. She will try to catch up before leaving for a 3 week holiday, but you may need to be happy with the following poem written by one of our members:

we’ve traveled the globe
from the Northern Territories
to the Congo,
from Mao’s China to Lincoln’s Civil War.

witnessing histories…mysteries…hilarities…atrocities.

we’ve delighted in
fish raining from the sky
and talking cats…and talking dogs
and bridges to counties
that span laughter
for more than a decade

we’ve become more human
by seeing life through the eyes
of gorillas,
and know-it-alls.

sixteen years of forty
have we shared this mutual admiration

of exploring new worlds

between the pages
of the past
the future
and within ourselves.

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