Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ode to Former Members

We wanted to send a shout out to our former members. Over time ladies naturally cycle in and out as time and life changes priorities, locations and friendships.

Jennifer - a charter member who left Seattle for a job in Portland.
Kristin - left Seattle to marry and live all over the world, Spain, Chile, Ireland, and now Mexico
Lisa - the craziness of life took over.
Cindy - had to make the difficult choice between family and book club.
Laura - activities and committments at the co-op kept her away.
Brigidt - dropped out after being accused of embezzling money from the company where she and another member worked.
Paula - life changes
Rebecca - left to form her own bookclub.
Michelle -moving to Connecticut.

We miss your insight and opinions.

There has been a whole host of guests and no way to list them all.

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